Want to write for Lyfesize?

Lyfesize is open to guest posts from first-time sustainability navigators, subject matter experts and intersectional activists already established or in the making. 

Writing for Lyfesize

Lyfesize is aimed at sustainability activists and explorers and the grassroots level. The target audience is curious about the tangents and networks of sustainability from the grassroots to the universe. 

When you write for Lyfesize, you get the following perks:

  • A dedicated bio and links to your social media platforms and website

  • An invite to the contributors' club with exclusive freebies and updates

At Lyfesize, we focus on quality and research over quantity. We like to incorporate some SEO keywords– you can either provide those or we can add them for your if you're not comfortable. 

Need some ideas?

Here are a few questions to get your gears grinding: 

  • Is sustainability a male-dominated field?

  • Is faux leather better than real leather?

  • Makeup/skincare made at home

Frequently asked questions

What sort of articles do you accept?

We publish articles on sustainability, ethical fashion, conscious living and buying, brand stories, mental and physical health and social justice. The articles that do best are the ones that are well-researched and thoughtfull written. We tend to publish exploratory articles rather than problem-solution pieces and encourage articles from writers who are at various stages in their sustainability journey. In all, the article must leave the reader a bit more knowledgeable or open-minded than they were before, whether you have advice to give them or not. If you need a little help in understanding what Lyfesize is about, please look at the 'about' page.

How long should my article be?

We accept articles from anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 words. This is entirely based on the amount of research you put in and the topic chosen.

What are your brand guidelines?

The Lyfesize brand personality is: earnest, respectful, encouraging and enthusiastic. Some guidelines to keep in mind are:

  • Weigh language appropriately to match the seriousness of your subject matter.
  • Cultivate a reflective, sincere dialogue with your audience.
  • Engage them with information and education rather than fantasy or entertainment.
  • Use colloquialisms and contractions liberally to make your content conversational and accessible.
  • Demonstrate that you admire and respect your subject matter and audience.
  • Treat both with an appropriate level of dignity and deference.
  • Strive for tactful, neutral messaging that avoids strong language.
  • Let your zeal for your subject matter show openly.
  • Don’t shy away from taking a personal point of view and convincing others to share it.
  • You are the tour guide, balancing the delicate task of attending to everyone’s varied needs while moving the group towards a shared objective.
  • Build rapport with conversational phrases and excitement about your topic while remaining on-brand with your messaging.
Language: UK English (if you're having trouble switching from US English, let us know).

Do you pay for submissions?

We currently don't pay guest contributors– but we aim to change that towards the beginning of next year. However, we do offer exclusive perks and freebies. Lyfesize excercises strict judgement and caution when it comes to picking sponsors so that we practice what we preach. The faster we grow, the sooner we can pay our contributors for their thoughtful posts.

Will you edit my article?

We might need to make minor edits to the copy and title to enhance readability, grammar, punctuation and SEO. If there are any major changes required, we'll give you our suggestions so you can make the changes as you see fit.

Do you accept previously published articles?

We prefer that all submissions are unique to Lyfesize so we don't accept previously published articles. If you would like to rewrite a longer paper or article that you've written to suit our audience, we'd be happy to discuss that and provide a link back to the original. You may publish an excerpt or summary of this article on your personal website, with a direct link back to Lyfesize.

How do I submit an article?

Stage 1: The Pitch (we only accept pitches in the idea stage and not complete articles or drafts to ensure we're all on the same page) Please send an email to hello@sindhushivaprasad.com with the subject line "Lyfesize Article Pitch: [your idea here]". Please make sure to include:

  • Your background
  • Sustainability experience/ story
  • Why you want to write for Lyfesize
  • Topic ideas
  • SEO keywords (if any)
  • What the audience will gain from your insights
Stage 2: The Submission Once your article idea has been approved, you may send in an outline for approval or directly submit a first draft. Submissions must be made in the form of an editable Google Doc; no other submission forms will be accepted. Please make sure you also include the following: A 3-5 sentence bio with links to your website and social media (at the top of your Google Doc) A headshot of yourself (or a link to one) Once ready, send your editable Google Doc link to hello@sindhushivaprasad.com.

Can I sponsor an article as a brand?

Yes, we're happy to discuss sponsorships as long as your brand values and ethos align with what we discuss on Lyfesize. Please send an email to hello@sindhushivaprasad.com with the subject line "Lyfesize brand collaboration" and any details. We'll send you a media kit in response and take it from there.

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